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What is the Hardwood Flooring Trends to Consider for Renovation?

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When you are planning interior design, hardwood flooring will forever be a timeless classic. Since this style never goes out of trend and is highly approved versatile, hardwood floors are a big way to add value to your residence and completely transform the perception of any room, while also supporting an ecosystem-friendly resource. For floor selection Tile Stores in Northern Virginia.

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So, to help you build the perfect look during your next residence makeover, we have gathered a list of the desirable hardwood flooring trends right now.

1) Remember, Simplicity is The Key

When it comes to designing terms, there is no question that less is more. This opinion is particularly true in the case of hardwood floors. At this time, many interior designers are moving back to basics, concentrating on laying same-size planks in a suitable house direction, as opposed to multi-sized cuts or patterned lays. While this conventional position offers a simple aesthetic, it also creates a clean and sleek appearance that will tie the room together.

Moreover, simplicity in your flooring allows for variety when it comes to styling. The cleaner or simpler the appearance of the floors, the more imaginative you can become with your décor. A simple floor pattern also facilitates you to effortlessly switch up your furniture or other furnishings.

Although unique and fun patterns are fascinating they can also be quite distracting. Detailed floor designs can overwhelm a space and even make a space feel cluttered. Therefore, going for a simple flooring pattern will broaden the possibilities of your design. You can get help from designers from stores that provide Tile Installation, Northern Virginia.

2) Classy Darker Hue Woods

In the last few years, color things have shifted towards darker hues. It’s simple to see why this craze has arisen; darker colors look more elegant and more luxurious, building an expensive feel. But that’s not all, dark hue woods give a contemporary feel and are always simpler to style than lighter colors since darker colors will suit anything from dark furnishings to lighter kitchen cupboards. For the floor, selection browses Tile Stores near me, Virginia.

3) Elegant Whitewashed Floors

The elegant whitewashed look is a remembrance of a Californian vibe and is now trending throughout the country. Establishing a peaceful beachy look, this kind of flooring undergoes a blanching or bleaching process to strip back the natural tone of the wood. But before you are concerned that you’ll end up wrecking your boards, this process only spots stains over the wood’s surface. The wood grain is still noticeable underneath the whitewash, so this color will not lose the elegance of the natural material.

Elegant Whitewashed wood works great to add radiance and give a feeling of openness, which means this type of wood is perfect for spaces in which you want to generate a more homely feel such as the living area or the kitchen. As a more modern option, whitewash wood can help add some attention and temperament to your home. You can find a such option at many Tile Stores Northern VA.

4) Aged Look

The distressed flooring style has been around for a while but has just experienced an explosion in popularity. To build the ‘slightly aged look this finish undergoes a chemical aging process. This trend is perfect if you are wishing to create a rustic aesthetic as this finish accentuates a feeling of warmth and loneliness. Visit Ideal Tile the best Tile Shop, Falls Church, VA.

5) Contemporary Greige Wood Floors

A blend between beige and gray, it appears that ‘greige’ is a prominent flooring trend. This combined color captures the best of both worlds as it incorporates the minimalist feel of grey with the warmth of beige. It is fairly flexible, pairing well with varied décor styles and effortlessly blending from the indoor to the outdoor kitchen and fascinating designs. Whether you’re after a more contemporary look or a rustic country style, greige is a highly interrelated option.

6) The High Variation Hardwood

If you’re seeking something a little different, then check out high variation floors. With the span of flooring technology available, it’s now simpler than ever to make your floor look truest to its original state. Practically, high variation floors echo the feeling that in nature, no two wooden pieces are the same. As such, factories are now able to replicate this natural effect in the flooring. Within your home, this different look can work to incorporate aspects of rustic and modern designs.

Whatever fashion you wish to choose, remember that hardwood floors are a long-lasting investment. As they are highly adaptable and versatile, hardwood floors not only suit every lifestyle but also enrich the manifestation of your home.